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Is it possible to export data from Access into Excel files? Yes”  However, the question is how to do it. As a result, in the following blog we are going to describe the process of exporting data items from MS Access to an Excel spreadsheet.

Now, start reading the blog post to know “How to Export Data from Access to Excel files?”

Best Method to Export Data from Access to Excel files

Manually by copy-pasting data items from Access to Excel files, users can export data from Access to Excel. But this method takes a lot of time for users. So, users who wish to export Access database to Excel workbook must download and use this utility, known as eSoftTools Access to Excel Converter Software.

This automated tool will allow users to convert Access database files to Excel XLS or XLSX file format. In a few simple steps, it will transfer all data from access to excel files. It’s an excellent choice because there’s no chance of failure or data loss while conversion using this tool.

Steps to Convert MS Access Database to Excel files using Access to Excel Conveter:-

  • Download and install Access to Excel Converter of eSoftTools to your computer.


  • Press the Open button from top menu. From the next opened screen click the Browse button to add Access Data file for conversion. (User can easily import access mdb, mde, accdb files for conversion.)
  • After adding the file, enter its password and hit the Scan button.
  • Scan/load all items from MS Acccess data file, select required folder and hit the Export button from menu.
  • Select option “Excel per database” or “Excel per table” and choose the file type XLS or XLSX.
  • Next choose a destination path for saving resultant XLS/XLSX files containing Access data and hit on Export.

Now the software will start the process of Exporting Data from Access to Excel files. After the export or conversion process user will get the output file to their selected location.

Key Features of Access to Excel Converter tool:-

  • Convert MS Access MDB, MDE, and ACCDB file into MS Excel format, with complete data.
  • Before conversion, quickly scan/extract and get a live preview of all MS Access database file elements.
  • Offers two different saving options “Excel Per Database” & “Excel Per Table”.
  • Convert Access MDB file to Excel with any file size limitations.
  • To convert MDB file to Excel spreadsheet, software only requires MS Access application.
  • For conversion, software supports entire editions of Microsoft Office 2010 and earlier.
  • Comes with trial edition facility to Export upto 10 items from access database file to excel.


We have mentioned the necessary information on how to export Access database to Excel file in the above section of this blog article. I hope that the method listed above will become helpful for you in exporting data from Access to Excel file.

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