How to Decrypt Encrypted ZIP File Without Password?

Are you in a situation where you are unable to access some important information from your zip file? The reason is zip file is encrypt with a password and you don’t have the key. If this similar scenario is yours you can get a solution by reading this blog. Here we are going to describe the technique “How to Decrypt Encrypted ZIP File Without Password?” to again access and Extract data from Zip Archieves/files.

Users use the Zip file format for archiving huge databases and saving multiple folders/items in a single place. Zip file is easy to share and makes users able to free up some space in their hard drive. In addition to this option, users encrypt these zip files with passwords. For creating an extra layer of security on zip files users can encrypt Zip files. Encryption is necessary to secure the data of Zip files from unknown persons. But in some situations, the user needs to decrypt locked ZIP files. Below mentioned are some real user query whose facing the same situation and needs a solution.

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Users Query

User 1:- Last month some hackers has attacked on our web server where we have saved all informative data of our website. To save our data from this attack we have created a backup and saved all information in a zip file. We have also encrypted this Zip file with password. But now the backup file is inaccessible because we have forgotten the password. Can any one sugest me a solution to Decrypt Encrypted ZIP File Without Password.

User 2:- In my office i have fired an employ because of its mis-behaviour and he lefted his job. But on his computer there is Zip containing some confedential data of our company. I am unable to open this file becuase this file password-protected. Opening this file is very difficult without password. So please suggest me any solution to open/unlocking password protected ZIP File Without Password

Is it possible to Decrypt Encrypted ZIP File Without Password?

Zip format contains the most secure algorithm to save users important data in it. When a user encrypts the Zip file with a password it creates an extra layer of security on the file. If the user has the original password it is easy to unlock it. But without a password, it becomes difficult for users to open the file’s information. So, if you don’t have the Zip file’s password first recover it. Below we have mentioned the best technique that users can utilize to make instant password recovery. Also, we will check the complete steps to decrypt Encrypted ZIP files.

Method to Instantly Decrypt Encrypted ZIP File Without Password

The complete method of decrypting Zip file is a two steps process, follow both of them and easily remove password protection from Zip files:-

  1. Recover Lost Zip Password
  2. Remove Pasword Protection from Zip file

Step 1:- Recover Lost Zip File Password Using Automated Zip Password Recovery Tool

Perform the process of Zip File Password Recovery using an advanced utility known as eSoftTools Zip Password Recovery Software. It works to recover all kinds of passwords of Zip files like- Alphabetic, Numeric, Symbolic, and other character combinations. It provides immediate password recovery results with smart techniques like- Brute Force, Mask, and Dictionary Attack. Download the software and follow the below-mentioned steps to start the recovery process of forgotten zip passwords:-

Steps to Recover ZIP file Password with eSoftTools Zip Password Recovery Software:-

  • Download eSoftTools Zip Password Recovery Tool on your Windows-based machine.


  • From first screen of this software hit on Browse button to import the encrypted Zip/WinZip or ZipX files in the software for password recovery.
startup screen of ZIP Password Recovery
  • Select a recovery method from the options:-
    • Brute Force Attack:- With this recovery option the software searchs all character combination to find lost zip password.
    • Mask Attack:- User can skip the recovery of previoudly known character and can try to recover only lost characters of lost password.
    • Dictionary Attack:- This software provides a dictionary file with multiple english words in it. With this option software searches the lost password which made with any english word from dictionary file.
Select method to recover ZIP password
  • After making selection of recovery method hit on next to apply or costumize other settings.
ZIP Password Recovery Tool working process
  • Then hit on Recover to start the Zip File Password Recovery Process.
Recovery status of ZIP file password recovery software

After this, you will easily get your forgotten password for unlocking Zip files. Also, the user can directly open the Zip by just clicking on the Open File button from the last confirmation window.

Password after using PST Password Unlocker

Step 2:- Remove Pasword Protection from Zip file

  • Visit to location where you have your encrypted Zip file and double-click on it.
  • Now in the Enter Password Dialog box put your Zip file password(recovered by the above mentioned tool).
  • After entering password click on OK and easily Extract all inner information from Zip file and remove password protection.


Without a password, it is difficult for users to Decrypt Encrypted ZIP File. The only possible solution that is available for users is to perform the recovery process. To make password recovery with easy steps users should automated eSoftTools Zip Password Recovery. After the recovery, a user can easily Decrypt or Unlock Zip file without any problem.


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