EML files are used globally by multiple email clients but are not supported primarily by MS Outlook. That’s why sometimes users want to import EML files into Outlook but do not do so because of the unsupported behavior of MS Outlook. As we know, MS Outlook offers multiple advantages, like managing emails, organizing calendars, and creating a distribution list of contacts, and this is the main reason to attract users. MS Outlook stores all the items/ data into a single PST file by default.

So the main query is here how to convert Multiple EML files into a Single PST file? Here, we are going to guide you in a proper way by discussing the Manual as well as the Professional Method through an expert EML Converter Software. It is up to you which method you use to complete the conversion from EML to PST file formats. Read the article till the end.

Users Queries

Query 1. I have a large number of EML messages on my computer, want to convert the EML files to PST file format to analyze and manage EML files easily with perfection. I am aware of the drag-and-drop method but that method is not for me because I have multiple EMLs on my computer. Seeking for a reliable and secure solution to the situation.
Query 2. I need to convert EML files to PST file format, am wandering here and there to get the best and expert Converter Software that converts EML files to PST file format without destroying the structure of Content stored in EML file extension Message. Does anyone know the free and reliable Tool to perform this conversion task?

What are EML files?

The file extension EML, which refers to “Electronic Mail Format,” has three parts: the header, body Information, and attachment of a single email message. From, To, Date, BCC, CC, Subject, and Time are all contained in the header. The message or text is included in the body content. Any kind of attachment is acceptable, including files, posters, photos, and more. Many email clients like Microsoft Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, IncrediMail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Spicebird, Mail Copa, and other (MUA) Mail user Agents use the EML file formats for storing email messages.

Why do users need to convert multiple EML files into PST?

Users need to convert multiple EML files into PST file formats for opening in MS Outlook, because Outlook offers a lot of functions and features to users, using those functions and features, users can easily organize and manage emails with perfection. 

  1. Increasing the security of EML files by converting them into PST file format
  2. Searching any specific email messages is easier in Outlook.
  3. Easy to manage and organize the emails in Outlook
  4. Supports all Outlook versions including Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2021 etc.
  5. EML files store singular email, while PST files store all MS Outlook Mailbox items.
  6. PST is a large data file storage container which can save data in GBs
  7. Protecting the EML files in Outlook in an efficient way

Top Methods of Converting EML to PST files

We are going to discuss the methods of converting EMLs to PST file formats, generally, I will tell you the two ways of performing the conversion task. I am aware that most of you know the manual method of drag and drop and are searching for another fast and reliable method, do not worry at all Professional Method is also explicated in the article. Both are the safe methods and can be used for a few EMLs not much, because, the manual method is a long process and time-consuming, I will never recommend this method for organizations and companies, If you have uncountable EML files, The Professional method is best to obtain which is a fast and reliable method for everyone.

Method-1) Manual Method

Drag and Drop EML Files Strategy

  1. Install MS Outlook and Open it on your computer
  2. Open the Location where all EML files are available
  3. Move the cursor to EML and drag and drop to Outlook folder one by one or all 
  4. Now you can easily access the EMLs in Outlook, and organize and manage the emails in Microsoft Outlook.

Method 2) Professional EML to PST Converter Software

Now, we are gonna discuss the professional Method that is eSofTools EML to PST Converter Software, this tool is the most popular and reliable Software that performs the conversion task and converts multiple EML files to a single PST file. The tool has an easy-to-understand user graphical interface that would not confuse the users to operate the software. Anyone can easily run the tool for EML file conversion purposes. 

eSoftTools EML to PST Converter Software

EML to PST Converter Software is the fastest tool that Convert Multiple EML Files into Single PST file format. this tool performs the conversion process easily from EML to PST, HTML, MSG, and EMLX. The tool allows users to import the EML to Office 365 cloud and Gmail as well as IMAP Accounts. The Software also provides multiple functions and features to users. There is an intuitive User Graphical Interface that is easy to use for everyone techy or non-techy persons, there are simple understandable steps described below as follows:-

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Steps to convert EML files to PST file

  • Download the EML to PST Converter tool on your computer. 
  • Install it and open the software.
  • You can select the EML files or EML folders to add the EML in the software for scanning and conversion.
  • After adding the EML Files, you will get a preview of EML Messages, you can select the EML for converting to PST file.
  • Then, click on the Convert EML button.
  • Choose the PST from the exporting options.
  • Define the destination for saving the PST file.
  • Set the ‘Name of the file’ and ‘Store name” for the new PST file.
  • After all, Click on the Convert button.

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In this blog, we have discussed the manual method and professional method to Convert Multiple EML Files into Single PST file format. The manual method includes Drag and drag-and-drop strategy to complete the conversion objective, contrary Professional Method includes eSofTools EML to PST Converter Software which is the fastest and most reliable way of accomplishing the conversion purpose. The steps of both methods are described in detail in the blog. I hope this article encompassed all the user-required information and solved your problem.

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