If you use Juno Email and are thinking about transferring your Juno Mail emails to a Gmail account, you need to learn a practical way to perform this task easily. Here, we will show you how to forward/transfer Juno emails to Gmail account with easy steps. Let’s start…

Juno Mail is a web-based email service provider that offers both premium and free options. It is a reliable and user-friendly solution for handling email-sharing tasks. It offers features such as mobile and webmail access, spam prevention, compatibility with POP and IMAP protocols, multiple email addresses, etc.

Some users using the Juno Mail service prefer to switch from Juno Mail to more compatible applications such as Gmail/G-Suite. There can be different reasons behind this.

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Why Switch from Juno Mail to Gmail?

Users prefer to switch from Juno Mail to Gmail for the following reasons: –

  • Modern Interface: – Gmail offers a more modern and user-friendly interface compared to Juno Mail. Gmail makes it easy to manage email with advanced features (like powerful spam filtering, customizable tabs to organize emails, and a robust search functionality).
  • Integration with other Google Services: – Gmail also enhances productivity and collaboration with its seamless connection with other Google services, such as Google Meet, Google Calendar, and Google Drive.
  • Continuous Development: – Google frequently implements new updates and features to Gmail to guarantee users that they have access to the best emailing program.
  • Established Reputation: With millions of users worldwide, Gmail is a widely used and reliable email communication tool that offers stability and dependability.

Best Solution to Migrate Email from Juno Mail to Gmail/G-Suite

For users who want to easily switch between web-based email platforms like Juno Mail and Gmail, the best solution is eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration software. It provides the fastest and most accurate results for seamless email migration.

One can effectively backup and migrate Juno Mail emails using its user-friendly features. It performs migration while guaranteeing data security. Juno Mail backup and migration software simplifies the job of moving to a new email client or creating a backup of emails.

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How to Forward/Transfer Juno Email to Gmail Account Using IMAP Migrator?

First download and install eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration utility on your computer running any version of Windows. After the installation is complete, apply the steps shown below: –

  • Run the tool and choose IMAP Server, WebMail, or “any other server email account” option from the list of available mail programs.
  • Enter the login credentials for the email account you use with Juno Mail.
    • Email Address: Enter your email address here, for example, example123@juno.com.
    • Password: – enter your Juno email account’s password.
    • Host: – imap.juno.com
    • Port: – 993
  • Click Login after entering the required account details.
  • In the software, load every mailbox folder from your Juno email account.
  • Choose required folders and after making the appropriate mail folder selections, click the Import to Cloud button.
  • Select “Import into Gmail” under the cloud import options screen, then click Next.
  • Enter the Gmail email address and google third-party app password, and press the Authenticate Login button.
  • Pick the mail filter option and select email dates to be exported (only use if necessary).
  • Press the Import to Gmail account button, and begin the job of transferring emails from Juno Mail to Gmail account.


Whether you’re switching from Juno Mail to Gmail platforms or combining email account data, Juno Mail to Gmail migration will be the solution to accomplish both tasks. Users can follow the easy steps shown above to forward or transfer Juno emails to Gmail account. Use these email forwarding strategies to improve productivity and streamline your workflow instantly!

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