Fix OST Error: Encounter a large number of conflict items

MS Outlook is one of the interactive and enhanced email platforms that is used for professional and personal email clients. It is used by many clients because it flawlessly performs email communication and preserves all the confidential information. In this article, we will discuss “how to troubleshoot the error: Encounter a large number of conflict items and the techniques to fix it”.

Most of the organizations used OST (Offline Storage Table) to preserve email in local drive with all its components and make the workflow with centralization. The foremost function of the OST file is to keep all the reports of the Outlook. Though, there can be many circumstances where users may not be using the internet while working on Outlook. An Offline Storage Table is generated because its main motive is to store all the contents in offline mode.

Overview of OST error

While regularly working with the OST file, the file can get corrupted due to some issues or infrequent error it displays error – “Encounter a large number of conflict items”. The display of your PC will show such error at the time of working. The error of these kinds can be occurring because of multiple reasons. Some of the reasons can be the reasons for the error corruption:

  • Power failure
  • Error in internet connection
  • Inappropriate data storage
  • Large-sized PST files

The cause of the corruption of error can be numerous. But, the resolution to fix this error of the OST file and to deal with this problem is mentioned below.

Resolutions to recover OST file error

Outlook OST file corruption of error “Encounter a large number of conflict items’ can be resolved with some reliable methods. This technical glitch can make you discomfort, so it must have a solution that can swiftly recover corrupted OST files and store your data safely.

Fix the error corruption through the manual method:

  1. In Outlook app, open the OST file and then fix it with scanpst.exe
  2. After the completion of the procedure and then check is any connection is developing between exchange and Outlook for the synchronization.
  3. Continue fixing the error ‘Encounter a large number of conflict items’ and close the MS Outlook application.
  4. Locate the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\scanost.exe and execute scanost.exe software.
  5. Choose the corrupt OST file having data.
  6. Then choose the work offline option or connect with it
  7. Hit on the repair errors
  8. Start scan to end up the process.

Error repairing tool

The OST integrity tool is used to fix the OST file having Outlook versions- 2007, 2003 and below versions. Sometimes, it may be possible that the manual method will not work to fix the error and also the time-consuming. So, then you should choose this inbox repairing tool. Users just have to implement below instructions and you can troubleshoot the error for sure.

  1. Shut down Microsoft Outlook and all running applications
  2. Hit on the start button of your Windows OS
  3. Then, Open Control Panel
  4. Hit on mail option, and also in show profiles
  5. Search for the corrupted OST file and eliminate it
  6. After the completion of the procedure, select the Add Profile icon
  7. Proceed with the settings and add new profiles
  8. The new profile will be created with MS Outlook


In this article, we have a write-up manual method that is time-consuming and the results may not be accurate or there are chances of data loss. It has the possibility that many OST files may get corrupted because of their large size, so in that case, a third-party tool such as eSoftTools OST Recovery Software is prominent and reliable to use that has advanced algorithms to troubleshoot the error. Users need to fix OST file error, with automated software that removes error in minimum span of time.

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