Fix Crashes in Outlook Due to Corrupt Outlook Data Files .OST or .PST

Last updated on June 18th, 2020 at 02:58 pm

How to fix crashes in Outlook due to corrupt Outlook data files .OST or .PST

It is one of a serious matter that you need to take into consideration as it is a difficult situation for you when you see that your outlook data file PST got corrupt due to errors. There are multiple reasons behind getting an outlook file crashed due to corrupt outlook data OST PST. If you want an amazing solution then you will get to know how you can fix crashes outlook due to corrupt outlook data file OST PST. So, in this blog, we will acknowledge you about how you can easily fix up the crashes’ outlook due to corrupt outlook data file.


  • There occurs multiple reasons behind any of the error that arrives in your Outlook data file pst.
  • It can be Poor Internet Connection.
  • Low Internet Servers.
  • Antivirus codes like 0x800CCC0F occur in the outlook file.
  • Even there occurs error when the time out gets done due to no response & no communication with the server 0x800ccc19.
  • Also, there occurs an error in the outlook file when the details are not correct in the file due to the wrong email ID, Account Name.
  • The error in the file can be due to navigation pane settings made with the wrong profile.
  • The time of sending and receiving is not correct then there can be an error in the outlook pst file.
  • Even, there can be an error in the Outlook data file pst since it was not in use on a regular basis.
  • So, to solve out all of these errors flexibly you require to Fix crashes outlook due to corrupt outlook data file pst.

In this Blog, you will get to know the perfect solution of how you can fix crashes in outlook file easily. With this Solution that the organization provides you, you don’t face any above difficulty & if you do then we have the most effective automatic solution to fix up the best solution for any of the problems that you face.


First I show you some simple steps by Manual method which can resolve the crashes and Convert OST file items to PST.

Manual Method to resolve the issue–

If you wish to fix crashes in outlook due to corrupt outlook data file ost pst. Make sure you use an Automated Method effectively. In this way, you can easily fix crashes outlook due to corrupt outlook data file ost pst.

  • You require exiting the Outlook file.
  • Make sure that you browse the outlook installation folder & find the SCANPST.exe tool.
  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 16
  • Now, you can run SCANPST.exe.
  • Moving on further, you require fixing crashes tool browse & selecting corrupt OST or PST File.
  • You require clicking over the start button to scan the error with Outlook data files.
  • You get to see the information reported within the fixed crash outlook file after scanning the whole file.
  • Now, you have to click on fix the error to start the process of the corrupt Outlook data file.
  • Now, after the whole of the task gets done, it is time to fix crashes outlook file due to corrupt outlook data OST PST complete while clicking over OK.

The above Manual Solution start by simple steps procedure & if there occurs an error then you need to follow the whole procedure again to get started. Manual Solution is however free of cost & there is no data security & the process is time-taking wherein this is inbuilt within Lotus Outlook files. It involves no third-party to get the procedure started & even does not assure that the outlook file may fix crashes in Outlook due to corrupt outlook data file ost pst file.

Automatic Solution to resolve the issue–

However, with Automatic Solution, it is quite easy to do each & everything automatically & you can easily get your outlook crashed file fixed with the help of this solution within time. Automatic Solution is however expensive but it is best for fixing crashes in lotus outlook due to corrupt outlook data file ost pst. So, it is better that you go for Automatic solution instead of the manual solution since there is no surety of making use of such a solution that ensures no data security & is time-taking too.

If you wish to fix crashes in outlook due to corrupt outlook data file OST PST then make sure you shake hands with us to make your work run easily & immediately at a great level. eSoftTools OST to PST Converter Software ensures you get the best solutions so that you can within a span of time solve the problems that you are facing with your outlook PST file. Also, must have to know about two types of solution that you can get while looking out for fixing crashes in outlook PST file.

Benefits of Automatic Solution

You easily get the best Automatic solution so that you may fix your outlook crashed file easily & this is a time-saving tool too. It helps to secure your data & fix up all your errors in outlook file easily. So, you need not worry about anything when you get in touch with the organization. The best advantage you get through eSoftTools Automatic Solution is that you don’t need to do anything or follow any step by step procedure; each & everything would be done through the solution in a flexible manner while saving your time & providing you with the best solution. So, this is the difference that you get while connecting with eSoftTools. The company ensures you with quality service & on-time solution for fixing crashes outlook due to corrupted data file ost pst.


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