How to Export emails from Sylpheed to Outlook PST files?

Many people, prefer Outlook for emailing purposes. And also wants to switch from Sylpheed to Outlook because of the security and amazing features of MS Outlook. So here in this blog post, we’ll show the answer to the question of “How to Export Sylpheed to Outlook”.

Sylpheed is a simple and effective email client that supports a clean user interface. As a result, anyone both beginners to professional users can use this emailing application with ease. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and some other operating systems. Sylpheed has offered multiple new features such as high reliability, ease of use, Junk Mail Control, Search option, multiple protocol support like- IMAP and POP3, and so on. But several users want to switch from Sylpheed to Outlook or other email clients because of various reasons. Let’s see why and how you can switch from Sylpheed to Outlook or another email application.

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Why Export Sylpheed Emails to Outlook?

When comparing Sylpheed to Outlook, it’s easy to see Sylpheed has various limitations in terms of emailing functionality and protection. Additionally, many individuals and organizations all over the world prefer Outlook as the best email client.

How to Export Sylpheed to Outlook?

Sylpheed stores all user mailboxes in the MBOX file format, which is incompatible with Microsoft Outlook. And Outlook uses its own file format- PST, to save all data. So, to export Sylpheed emails in Outlook is to convert Sylpheed MBOX file into PST file format. And the application of choice for such tasks is eSoftTools MBOX Converter Software. It provides you a secure environment for converting Sylpheed mailbox to Outlook PST file in an accurate manner. The whole process of Export emails from Sylpheed to Outlook is divided into two sections.

  1. Export MBOX file from Sylpheed
  2. Convert Syspheed MBOX to Outlook PST

Apply both steps to easily move from Sylpheed to Outlook email client

Phase 1:- Export Sylpheed mailbox in MBOX format

On Windows, Sylpheed’s default mailbox location is as follows:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Sylpheed\Mailboxes\Mail

or ‘C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Sylpheed\Mailboxes\Mail

Sylpheed also offers an export feature that allows to extract and save mailbox with .mbox extension. You can do this by just applying these simple steps:-

  • launch Sylpheed Mailing Scheme, On a Windows computer.
  • Go to File and click on Export Mail Data from the drop-down list.
  • Now choose the UNIX MBOX as the file format. Choose the folder you want to export from the drop-down menu. Choose the location where you want the export folder to be saved.
  • Rename the file MBOX in the place where it was saved.

Phase 2:- Convert Sylpheed MBOX to Outlook PST

  • First and foremost, you must download, install, and run eSoftTools MBOX Converter software.


  • Now click on Add file /folder button to select Sylpheed MBOX Files.
MBOX Converter
  • After this, a new window will appear on your screen with different options. You just need to click on Select file option to pick a single MBOX file of Sylpheed. If you want to convert MBOX files in bulk then click on select MBOX folder option.
MBOX File/folder selection
  • The software will scan all Sylpheed emails and attachments and show them on your screen.
View MBOX file emails
  • Choose the required folders and click on Convert MBOX button. After this, you will see multiple conversion formats.
Convert MBOX file
  • Simply select the single PST file option and choose the saving location. And finally, click on Convert to Export Sylpheed emails into Outlook PST file.
Convert MBOX to PST

After completing the whole Sylpheed MBOX to Outlook PST conversion process, simply import the resulted PST file MS Outlook by using Import/Export Wizard.


As a result, we can say that exporting Sylpheed emails to Outlook PST is not possible. Because Sylpheed only offers MBOX as an export choice which isn’t supported by Outlook. So using a dependable utility like the MBOX converter tool is strongly recommended. Hopefully, this blog has cleared up the questions you may have had about the Sylpheed to Outlook migration.

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