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Many users of Thunderbird mail clients prefer to save their emails to HTML files. But some users are unable to do this process because of improper knowledge. If you are one of them, then this article is for you. Here, we will show you how to Export/Save Thunderbird Emails to HTML files?

Nowadays, a wide range of email applications are available in the IT industry and Mozilla Thunderbird is one of them. This is a free email client that allows users to perform emailing process with ease and security.

With thunderbird user gets advanced features for emailing and managing their email profile. Similar to other desktop-based email clients, Thunderbird also supports preserving users’ emails locally.

For saving emails Thunderbird by default uses MSF/MBOX/EML and several more file types. But apart from these file types, some user needs to save their Thunderbird emails to HTML files.

Before starting the topic of How to save thunderbird emails to HTML files, let’s first check why users want to do this task.

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Why Export/Save Thunderbird Emails to HTML?

There are several benefits of saving thunderbird emails to HTML files, some of them are:-

  • Separately Saving Emails:- Thunderbird uses MSF/MBOX files to save mail folders with several emails. But with HTML file format users get the facility to preserve emails separately.
  • Accessing Emails from web Browser:- By saving Thunderbird emails to HTML files users get the facility to access their emails from their web browsers.
  • Multiple Devices Compatibility:- With the process of saving Thunderbird emails to HTML files, users get the facility to access Thunderbird emails with different devices.

Easy Solution to Export/Save Thunderbird Emails to HTML files

An easy solution to export Thunderbird emails in HTML files is using automated tools like- eSoftTools Thunderbird Converter Software.

With the software, users will get thunderbird profile auto-detection features to load all thunderbird mail folders in a single click. After loading all mail folders the software will assist you in saving thunderbird emails in separate HTML files.

It will securely extract emails with attachments and email message properties like- to, bcc, cc, subject, message body, etc. Also, users will get several more features to make the conversion process more reliable and faster.


How to Export/Save Thunderbird Emails to HTML files?

  • Download & Launch eSoftTools Thunderbird Mail Converter tool on your machine.
First screen of Thunderbird to Outlook Converter
  • Hit Add File/Folder button from the welcome screen of the software.
  • Next, choose the option of adding/loading Thunderbird mail file/folders from the options:-
    • Select File:- manually select a single Thunderbird (MSF/MBOX) file for conversion.
    • Select Folder:- Select the thunderbird mail folder and add in the software.
    • Auto-Load Thunderbird profile:- Auto detect thunderbird profile location and import all mail folders
Thunderbird Mbox Converter
  • Import all Thunderbird mail files/folders in the software and get a preview of all email items.
Thunderbird Mailbox Conversion
  • Choose required thunderbird mail folders & hit the Convert button from the menu bar.
  • Next, choose the HTML format from the conversion options list.
  • Choose the Mail filtering option and select the desired location where you want to save the resultant files.
  • Finally, press the Convert button to start the Thunderbird to HTML file conversion process.
Export Thunderbird to PST

Now the software will start the process of exporting or saving Thunderbird emails to HTML files. After conversion, users will get all their HTML files with Thunderbird emails to their selected location.

Most Powerful Features of Thunderbird to HTML Converter Tool:-

  • Export/Save Thunderbird emails to separate HTML files with instant process.
  • Convert unlimited Thunderbird emails with attachments to HTML file format.
  • Save emails with complete information including- To, bcc, cc, size, subject, message body, etc.
  • After conversion users can access resultant HTML files with all supported applications easily.
  • It saves users generated HTML files to their specified location in their hard drive.
  • Preserves complete email information before and after conversion.
  • Has mail filter function to convert thunderbird emails of only required dates.
  • Also, comes with a naming convention option to save HTML files with different naming patterns.
  • The free demo edition of the tool is also which will assist users to convert thunderbird emails to HTML files for free.


Mostly for accessing thunderbird emails from Web browsers, users require to export them to HTML files. For users who want to do this conversion task in a simple manner, we have written this article. Now take the help of eSoftTools Thunderbird Converter and follow the steps shown above to securely export/save thunderbird emails to Html files.


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