How to Export Emails from Horde to Gmail Account?

Last updated on April 15th, 2021 at 08:54 pm

Searching for a method to export emails from Horde to Gmail account? Then you’ve come to the right place; In this blog we will assist you transfer Horde mails to Gmail problem with less efforts.

Horde is a Webmail program that enables users to access their Webmail addresses. There are many enterprise users who use Horde Webmail accounts, and some of them will need to forward email from Horde to Gmail. You can find the best solution for this in the following write-up.

To forward Horde email to Gmail, the user must follow the steps outlined below:

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How to Export Horde Webmail to MBOX format?

If you want to transfer your Horde Email or Mailbox to another platform, you’ll need to export all of the Mailbox data in MBOX format.

To Export Horde MBOX files, follow the steps below: –

  • Open the Horde webmail and enter the webmail account credentials.
  • Right-click on a folder that you want to export and select Export option from the drop-down menu.
  • A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to choose between Download into a MBOX file or (Zip compressed) MBOX file. Choose any one of them.
  • After Export format selection, click OK.

Now you get all of the Horde emails in .mbox format. This Horde MBOX file can be used to transfer Horde Emails to another email clients.

How to Import Horde emails to Gmail Account?

There is no way to directly forward or migrate all data from Horde Webmail to Gmail using a direct migration process. So, for this, the eSoftTools MBOX Converter to Gmail tool is the best choice for directly forwarding Horde Webmail to Gmail. It runs smoothly and has a quick user interface for forwarding emails from Horde to Gmail.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to Import Horde MBOX to Gmail:-

  • Download the MBOX to Gmail Converter Tool and open it on your computer.


  • Launch the software and press the Add file/folder button.
MBOX Converter
  • Now, select any one from the provided option select MBOX file or Select MBOX folder. Get your Horde MBOX File and then click the Next button.
MBOX File/folder selection
  • All Horde emails will be shown on the screen by the tool. On the software screen, you can see a preview of your Horde data.
View MBOX file emails
  • Choose the required items and click Import to Cloud button from the menu. Then choose the Import to Gmail option.
Import MBOX to Office365
  • Enter your Gmail account credentials and validate them by pressing the “Authenticate Login” button.
Import MBOX to Office365
  • Next, Press the Import to Gmail button and to begins the migration task. After completion, the tool will show you a confirmation message simply click on ok.
MBOX to Gmail


The method for exporting emails from Webmail to Gmail is thoroughly explained. You should read the entire article and then put the solution into action on your own. We hope that we will be able to resolve your issue to your satisfaction.

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