Do you want to remove duplicate emails from the Mail folder of your Thunderbird profile? Unable to do this work due to lack of prior knowledge? If yes, then this article is the best solution for your situation. Here we will explain how to easily Delete duplicate emails from Thunderbird Mail folders.

Thunderbird is a free and open-source email client provided by the Mozilla Foundation. It provides users with the convenience of managing their email profiles from their desktops.

Thunderbird supports sharing emails, managing contacts and calendars, and performing many other tasks with a user’s email profile.

A common feature in Thunderbird is to store email profile data locally. Thunderbird uses the user’s local drive and stores all the user profile data on it.

Sometimes, a scenario arises where Thunderbird users may face issues with duplicate emails appearing in their Thunderbird profile/mail folder. There can be many reasons behind this.

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Reasons for Duplicate Emails in Thunderbird

  • Backup and Restore: -Backing up emails from Thunderbird and re-importing data from those backup files into the email profile causes duplicate emails.
  • Syncing Issues: – Email clients may get stuck when there may be a problem with the synchronization of the email account with the mail server which may cause multiple copies of the email to be generated.
  • User’s Mistakes: – Users accidentally copying and pasting emails can create unnecessary copies of emails in Thunderbird Mail folders.

These issues and many other issues can cause email copies to be created in Thunderbird. Those duplicate emails can cause performance issues with the Thunderbird email client. Therefore, it is important to delete duplicate emails.

Fastest Way to Erase Duplicate emails from Thunderbird

It is difficult to manually find email duplicates and delete them one by one. But now for the ease of the users and to do this work safely, eSoftTools has introduced an automated solution. The utility we are talking about is Thunderbird Duplicate Remover software.

This tool with a smart process automatically finds similar emails and removes copies from Thunderbird Mail folders. At one time, it finds all the duplicates within mail files and across multiple files. Additionally, it assists users in searching email duplicates with different advanced options.

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How to Delete Duplicate Emails from Thunderbird mail folders?

Using eSoftTools Thunderbird Duplicate Remover software, erase unwanted email copies from Thunderbird email profiles: –

  • Download and run the Email duplicate remover software for Windows PC.
  • Press the Add File/Folder button and choose any one option “Select MBOX file”, “Select MBOX Folder” or “Auto-Load Thunderbird Profile”.
  • Select any one option to insert the Thunderbird email files and hit the Next button.
  • Load the mail folders from the imported Thunderbird mail files and read emails.
  • Check the folder containing duplicates, select them and click on “Remove Duplicates”.
  • Apply the de-duplication settings from the newly opened screen: –
    • Email Duplicate Search options: – Select the email attributes “like- TO, CC, Subject, From, Attachment, Body” based on which you want to find duplicates. (“Select one”, “multiple” or “all” as per your choice)
    • Search to be done Between folders and across all folders
      • Search/remove within email file: – Find duplicate emails one by one in each file and remove them.
      • Search/remove across all files: – Find duplicates of emails from all the chosen files for de-duplication.
    • Mail filtering: – Select the date range of emails you want to delete
    • Saving location: – Manually choose the path to save the resulting files from your drive or save to the Thunderbird Local Folders path with the default Save in Thunderbird option.
  • Hit the button “Remove Duplicates” and start erasing email duplicates from Thunderbird mail folders.


Removing email duplicates is essential to maintain the efficiency of email communication and the good functioning of email clients like Thunderbird. Manually removing email duplicates is time-consuming and prone to errors. The method that is best suited for users who want to do this job is eSoftTools Thunderbird Duplicate Remover. Try this utility and apply the above steps to easily delete duplicate Emails from Thunderbird mail folders.

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