Are you a user who tries to log in with a Yandex mail account on a third-party app? Then, through this article get complete knowledge. Here we will show you the steps to Create Yandex Mail app password and enable IMAP in Yandex Mail for third-party app login.

To log in with Yandex mail accounts on email clients or third-party apps, users will need to do two things. The first one is creating a Yandex mail app password and the second one is enabling IMAP settings.

Users can simply follow the below-given steps to perform both these tasks for login on third-party apps with Yandex mail account.

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How to Create Yandex Mail App Password? Complete Steps

Apply the steps shown below to Generate Yandex mail app password: –

  • Sign in to your Yandex mail account by visiting the link-
  • Click on the Security tab, scroll down, and click on the App Passwords option.
  • Choose Yandex Mail, from the options available in the “create an app password” section.
  • Input the app name in which you want to use Yandex mail app password.
  • Click on the app password, and copy it in a single click.

You have your Yandex mail app password, now simply use it with your third-party app or email clients.

How to Enable IMAP In Yandex mail account?

  • On your web browser, open the link: –
  • Sign in with your Yandex mail account, and click the Gear icon.
  • Hit on All settings and click on the Email Clients option.
  • A new screen will now appear with the section “Use a mail client to retrieve your Yandex mail”.
  • Now select “From the server via IMAP”, also it will auto-enable the App passwords and OAuth tokens for IMAP authorization method.
  • Lastly, click on Save Changes and Enable IMAP in Yandex Mail account to log in to third-party apps.


In the above sections of this write-up, we have shown the method to log in with Yandex mail app passwords on third-party apps. Users can simply follow those steps and Create Yandex Mail App and Enable IMAP in Yandex Mail for third-party app login.

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