When you wish to run the NSF file data but you face an error & to seek out that error you require a solution. So, make sure that you search for a solution that solves the error & is effectively helpful for you to run the file easily making the optimum utilization of resources and technology.

Method to Make NSF to PST Conversion

Option 1:- Manual Solution

Option 2:- Automatic Solution

Errors faced during the NST to PST conversion process:

  1. While opening Lotus Notes, a message will appear “you are unauthorized to perform that operation”. The solution for this error can be fixed while developing all-new bookmark files with the user’s Notes ID.
  2. The second error that you may have is that the message got transferred without the attachments. The reason behind this error can be the Transporter suite may send emails only within the size limit of 4MB.
  3. Also, you may face the error of being unable to open Names.nsf or address book. This may be caused due to some modification to the database or due to the existence of different versions of INI File.
  4. There can be an error with the unavailability of selected data conversion & this error can arise due to the side-effect that is mentioned in the above 3 error.

Manually CONVERT NSF TO PST file

There are two types of solutions to convert NSF to PST file without Lotus Notes. The first one is “Manual Method” and the second is an “Automatic method”. First, let us introduce you to the Manual Method. Multiple people opt this Manual Method just because this method is free of cost & includes no third-party.

STEP 1: You need to export NSF Files to CSV

To export the NSF Files you require performing the steps that are mentioned below:

  • You need to launch the Lotus notes program to move forward.
  • Now, upon the file menu, you need to click at Export.
  • Over the Export dialogue box, enter the file name, file location, & saving type.
  • Now, you need to select a comma-separated value format for the file.
  • A dialogue box CSV Export would get open & you may select the required options easily & click at the OK button.
  • The exported data gets saved in the CSV file gets saved within the defined location.

Step 2: Import CSV File into PST Outlook

Now, you need to import the CSV File into PST Outlook.

  • Fist, you need to launch the MS Outlook program.
  • Over the file menu, click open & Export, & then click Export/Import.
  • An Import, as well as Export Wizard dialogue box, pops up. Now, you need to select Import through another Program or file through the option and click “next”.
  • Now, you need to select comma-separated values as file type and click next.
  • Click Browse and select the path for CSV File that got created earlier while using the Export command of Lotus Notes. Now, you need to select the options according to your requirement.
  • Moving further, you need to select the Outlook folder wherein you want to save your exported data and click at Next.
  • Now, you need to select the given checkbox in the Import a file dialogue box and click finish.


Talking about this manual method for making the conversion of NSF to PST Without Lotus Notes. It consists of multiple disadvantages with just the simple benefit that it is free however it includes:-

  • It requires the best technical knowledge along with good running software.
  • This is a very lengthy procedure since it takes a lot of time for the user.
  • It is not applicable for moving a large amount of NSF database.
  • Sometimes it may completely damage the NSF file Data.
  • It does not hold data protection with your details & information.
  • This method doesn’t support Lotus Notes Selective Data Conversion.

Automated TOOL TO CONVERT NSF TO PST without Lotus Notes

Talking about the Automatic Solution it is the best solution that you must look for. This is a third-party solution that saves your time & helps to solve the error immediately by protecting all your data easily. It is the perfect method that you must go for eSoftTools NSF to PST Converter Software. It is easy to use process & is far better than the Manual Method and offers to convert NSF file without Lotus notes. So, you need not worry regarding anything if you go with the option of Third Party Solution.



Users may opt for any methods between Manual and Automatic Solution. However, it is better to go with the solution that ensures your data safety with all your details & information and is time-saving along.

A Third-Party tool is more helpful to solve your file error within just a span of time. This blog could have been effectively helpful in “how you can select the best method to solve the error that you face while making the conversion NSF file to PST.

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