Are you searching for a solution to export calendar entries from single ICS to separate MSG files? If this is your case, then check out the best answer by reading this article. Here we will show you How to Convert ICS to MSG files for MS Outlook?

ICS calendar file format is the most used file type for saving calendar events digitally. Many applications of different cloud and desktop applications support this ICS file format.

This file type supports saving users’ calendar events with all relevant information.

ICS file can hold calendar events with start date, end date, location, subject, description, attachments, and other items.

With ICS files users can save calendar events separately as well as multiple calendar events users can also save together Inside ICS files.

But users who have saves their all-calendar events inside a single ICS file, sometimes come into a situation where they need to save them separately.

For doing this, users prefer saving their ICS file calendars to MSG files.

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Benefits of Saving ICS calendars to MSG files: –

Because of several reasons, by which users prefers saving ICS calendar events to MSG files, like: –

  • For separately saving calendar events of ICS users convert ICS to MSG files.
  • In some cases, users become unable to read data from ICS files in Outlook, at that time they prefer moving calendars to MSG files.

Apart from this, several more scenarios also let users to convert ICS to MSG files.

Direct Solution to Convert ICS to MSG files for MS Outlook

On the internet, there are numerous methods available that users can use to convert ICS to MSG files. But eSoftTools ICS Converter software is one such ideal tool that will make this process to simple and quicker for users.

This is a fantastic way to effectively export all calendar items from ICS files and save them separately to MSG files. Easily it can convert ICS calendar files of Apple Calendar, iPhone, calendar, Google calendar, and other applications. With this tool, users can transfer all calendar data from ICS files, including schedules, tasks, reminders, meeting lists, and so forth.

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How to Save ICS Calendar to Separate MSG files with ICS Converter?

Perform the downloading and installation process of eSoftTools ICS Converter software. After that, apply the following steps to convert ICS to MSG files: –

  • Launch the ICS Converter tool, then click on Select ICS file/folder button.
  • Select Folder Mode or File mode option, add ICS files, and click on Next.
  • Load all selected ICS files or folders and view its inner calendar items.
  • Makes selection of required ICS folder/sub-folders from the folder list.
  • After folder selection, hit the Convert ICS button from the top menu bar.
  • From the next opened screen, chose the Export in MSG option.
  • Select a location from your local drive for saving the resultant MSG files.
  • Finally, click on Convert and start exporting calendars from ICS to MSG files.

By following these simple steps, a user can simply extract and save each calendar item of the ICS file to separate MSG files.


There are several users who save their all-calendar events to a singular ICS file. In different scenarios, they require to extract and save ICS calendar to MSG files. The best and easiest way to handle this job we have shown in this article. Users can simply use ICS Converter and follow the above-given steps to Convert ICS to MSG files with ease.

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