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Are you looking for a method to compress MBOX files to reduce their size? If you are not getting the expected results even after trying different techniques, then this article is for you. Here we will explain smart techniques to reduce/compress MBOX file size easily.

MBOX is the file format that email applications use to store emails. Many famous email clients use MBOX to store users’ emails locally like- Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Opera Mail, and more. These MBOX files are used to archive or backup emails, migrate emails, and more.

An MBOX file conveniently stores a mail folder and all the internal emails inside it. Saves all emails in a mail folder with all their related information like- TO, BCC, CC, Subject, From, Message Body, Attachments, etc.

MBOX files can become large due to many reasons like- duplicate emails, large attachments etc. Large-size MBOX files can cause many problems for users.

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Problems faced by users due to large-size MBOX files: –

  • Performance: – Opening and accessing emails from large MBOXs may be slow. Searching and sorting emails from an MBOX file using an email client may take longer.
  • Corruption Risk: – Large MBOX files are susceptible to corruption. Corruption in MBOX file may result in the loss of all email data.
  • Storage Space: – Large MBOX files can make it difficult to organize data in limited storage space as they take up more space on the user’s drive.

Advanced Solution Reduce/Compress MBOX file Size

A simple solution to reduce MBOX file size is to remove attachments from its internal emails. The utility available for users to perform this task easily is eSoftTools MBOX Compress Software.

With the help of this MBOX compression tool, users can extract attachments from MBOX emails and compress them into ZIP archives with multiple options. It can erase all types of attachments and also allows deleting specific types of attachments by adding their extensions. There are many more advanced functions available in this tool to compress MBOX files smoothly.

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How to Remove Attachments from MBOX files with MBOX Compress tool?

Download MBOX Compress Software on a Windows machine and apply the below-mentioned steps: –

  • Run the software and press the Add file/folder button.
  • Choose a mode of adding an MBOX file- Select MBOX file, Select MBOX Folder, and Auto-Load Thunderbird profile.
  • Insert MBOX email files with your chosen mode and press the Next button.
  • Load mail folders from MBOX files and preview emails from them.
  • Select needed folders and press the Compress MBOX button from the top menu bar.
  • Choose any one of the 4 available MBOX file compression modes
    • Remove Attachment and Save MBOX
    • Remove Attachment from MBOX and Save Attachments
    • Compress Attachments and Save MBOX
    • Remove Attachment from MBOX and compress & save attachments
  • Use extension filter options and choose or manually input the extension of attachments.
  • Select the Filter Email option and choose the date range of the email for deletion of attachments.
  • Choose the path where you want to save the resultant files. (Also, users can use the save in Thunderbird option.)
  • Finally, click on the Compress Now button and start removing attachments from MBOX files.


MBOX is a common file type that enables users to store their emails. Sometimes it becomes large which can cause many problems. Deleting or compressing attachments can be the perfect solution to manage MBOX file size. With the above-mentioned method, the user can do this work easily. Try the MBOX Compression tool and reduce the size of MBOX files easily by following the above steps.

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