Most Common Outlook Issues and Solutions

Last updated on October 16th, 2020 at 11:42 am

Microsoft is a popular business enterprise application that helps us to access emails, data, and much more in one go. However, like any other software, Outlook is prone to errors. Here, in this article, we have fleshed down Most Common Outlook Issues and Solutions to reaccess your important database. Have a look.

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Error 1- Unable to start Microsoft application

It is one of the pressing errors that every Outlook user face. This error occurs when

  • The user uses the old version of Outlook
  • When Navigation Pane hinders the Outlook from starting
  • There are defective add-ins in your account
  • When the profile settings are incorrect
  • If Outlook OST file is corrupted

Any of the above reasons can prevent the smooth functioning of Microsoft Outlook. Here, is the solution for it

  • Change the settings of the Navigation panel
  • Launch Outlook in safe mode
  • Delete malfunctioned add-ins
  • Make a new Outlook profile
  • Repair the Outlook file using ScanPST.exe method

Error 2- Outlook unexpectedly crash

There are times when Outlook suddenly crashes without any warning. It may result in this error. It happens due to

  • Corrupt Outlook PST files
  • If Outlook profile gets corrupted
  • When the sent email is corrupted

How to resolve the error?

The best way to resolve this error is to start Outlook safely and then see the error is resolved or not. If it is not, then you need to find if there are any corrupt add-ins, disable it and then restart Outlook. If it doesn’t work, the user needs to create his profile once again.

Error 3- CRC error in Outlook

Another most commonly faced error is Cyclic Redundancy Error. This error happens when the PST files in your hard drive are corrupt.

How to resolve the error?

  • Run chkdsk command on your hard drive
  • Run ScanPST.exe

These two steps will help you to repair PST files.

Error 4- When outlook PST file becomes corrupt

Multiple reasons can corrupt or damage PST files.  We classify them under two categories-hardware failure and software failure.

How to resolve the error?

The users can resolve the error by running Outlook safely by typing Outlook.exe/Safe in the run dialogue box. Microsoft has an in-built tool ScanPST.exe that scans PST files and repairs it.  This tool is highly effective but takes time to repair.

Error 5- Your mailbox sends unwanted mails

There are times when your Outlook is sending spam emails to your contacts. This becomes an embarrassing situation and this may happen when your mail is hacked or computer is infected by a virus. You can change the password and if you cannot do it, you can contact the support team.

Error 6- Outlook send and receive error

Sometimes users are not able to send and receive mail through Outlook due to multiple reasons. For example, poor internet connectivity, spam emails, virus attacks, etc.

How to resolve the error?

Before diving into any solution, verify the internet connectivity, once it is done, disable firewall and other antivirus programs, once the problem is fixed again you can enable the anti-virus program, check if there are any spam mails, clearing them can help you to fix this error.

Error 7-Password prompt error

This error might disturb Outlook users. Even on minute actions, the user has to provide password details. It may happen because of a lack of configuration between Outlook and user password details in the settings tab.

How to resolve the error?

  • Launch a new Outlook profile.
  • Verify if Outlook is updated.
  • Start the system once again.

Error 8- OST file cannot be accessed

This error will occur when the Outlook account is not connected with Exchange Server. The reason behind it could be interference by other programs, unexpected crash, etc.

How to resolve the error?

  • Delete OST file and start Outlook in cache mode with Exchange server connected. Now Outlook will automatically generate the OST file.
  • Disable firewall, anti-virus and run Outlook again.

Error 9- Proxy server security certificate error

This error might occur when Microsoft makes a connection with any other server. It can be due to an invalid certificate or third party-add ins.

Resolve the error

  • Check the RPC certificate by typing the link On the bottom, you can check the authenticity of the certificate.
  • Disable third-party add-ins and start Outlook in the safe mode.

Error 10- Not implemented error

This error occurs when the user tries to start Outlook and this error appears on the screen.

How to resolve the error?

You can go to the control panel and then visit programs and then features and then select the Microsoft Office program and right-click. Now, click on the change option and now on the opened window click on “repair and continue”. When the user completes the repairing process, run the Outlook application once again, it will start without any problem.

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These errors may bog you down, and the above-mentioned manual methods are time-consuming and they may not be able to fix Outlook errors, hence we recommend using eSoftTools Outlook Recovery software. This software deeply scans the Outlook error and fixes it by applying simple steps. We even offer the trial version to let the user understand the functionality of the software.

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