How to Reset/Change Password in IBM Lotus Notes?

Last updated on February 24th, 2023 at 02:02 pm

Lotus Notes saves its mailbox data in the local storage using the NSF file format. Lotus Notes also offer the user the feature to secure NSF file with a password. If users will forget their password, in that case, they must change it. If you are one of the users who forget their password then this blog is for you. Stick with the article and learn about the various procedures needed to Change Passwords in IBM Lotus Notes.

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Methods to Change & Reset Lotus Notes Password

For each IBM Notes user, Lotus Notes creates a client id in the format or After opening Lotus Notes, it prompts a User Authentication dialogue box, where the user must enter their login credentials. If a user forgets their login credentials, in this situation they need to reset the Lotus Notes password. There are a few methods that users can use to reset or change their Lotus Notes Password.

Method-1: Change Password in IBM Lotus Notes using Notes client

To change your Lotus Notes password using the IBM Notes client, follow these steps and perform the password reset operation.

  • Launch Lotus Notes Email Client and enters your login credentials to access the Notes NSF file.
  • Select the File option from the menu bar.
  • Pick the Security option from the File menu.
  • Choose the User Security option from the Security drop-down menu list.
  • In the User Security wizard, click the Change Password button under Your Login and Password Setting section.
  • Now, in the Change Password wizard, type the new password value in the Enter New Password field and double-check it in the Re-enter new password field.
  • In the Change Password window, click the Ok button, then in the User Security dialogue box, click the Ok button again.

Re-open the Notes client and enter the new password, now you will see that your password has changed.

Method 2:- Use Domino Administrator, to Change Lotus Notes password

If a user forgets their NSF file password, they may use Domino Administrator to recover it. In this case, the consumer must take the following basic steps:-

  • Open Lotus Notes Email Client on your computer and enter a login ID and password.
  • If you type an incorrect password, a Recovery window appears. From there you need to select the Password Recovery option.
  • To reset the NSF password, select the Lotus Notes id file. It’s saved as a user. id or in most cases.
  • Select one of the Recovery Administrator entities from the list and contact them for assistance with the Recovery Password.
  • In the Enter Password field, type the 16-character Recovery Password given by the administrator.
    Note: If you enter the recovery password correctly, your Id file will be unlocked. After this, you can reset the Lotus Notes password.
  • Finally, enter the new password in the respective field and confirm it by clicking on Ok button.

How does the Administrator provide the users with the Recovery Password?

When a user requests assistance in changing Lotus Notes Password or resetting the notes id password, the administrator must take the following steps:-

  1. Visit the server-based ID recovery database.
  2. Locate the user’s most recent backup Id and detach it to the temporary directory.

    Note:- The file’s name is normally will be ~~tmpid.ide.
  3. Select Configuration- Certification- Extract Recovery Password from the Domino Administrator.
  4. In the prompted window, enter your own Administrator password.
  5. After this, the administrator will receive the user’s 16-character recovery password. Sent it to the recipient.


So, in this blog, we’ve listed all of the possible solutions to reset or change the NSF file password. If you are still unable to reset your password after using those methods, In this case, you’ll need to use other platforms to access NSF files. For this, you can try eSoftTools NSF to PST converter tool. It will allow you to easily migrate your NSF files to Outlook. This is a self-contained utility that will perform the conversion while maintaining data protection and integrity. You will then be able to access your NSF files without difficulty.


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