If you have configured multiple email accounts in Windows Live Mail and need to back up emails to an external hard drive, follow the steps outlined in the article below and know how to backup Windows Live Mail emails. The article explains the manual process for backing up emails and offers assistance through automated software solutions that require just a few mouse clicks to back up emails from Windows Live Mail accounts. This approach ensures you can securely store your emails while simplifying the backup process.

Introduction of Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is an email client developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows Live suite of applications, replacing Outlook Express and Windows Mail. This client supports managing multiple email accounts, including POP3, IMAP, and EAS, and features a ribbon interface for quick navigation. Users can easily manage emails, contacts, and calendar information both online and offline. Despite its popularity, Microsoft discontinued support for Windows Live Mail in 2017, introducing the new Mail app in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Reasons behind backup emails from WLM Mailbox

There are several reasons why users may consider backing up emails from Windows Live Mail. Some of these reasons include:

  • Discontinuation and Lack of Support: Microsoft discontinued support for Windows Live Mail in 2017, posing a risk of data loss without official updates or patches to address potential vulnerabilities.
  • Security Concerns: With Microsoft no longer providing support for Windows Live Mail for several years, there are heightened security risks associated with managing email messages in an unsupported environment.
  • Migration to a new computer or email client: When upgrading to a new computer or switching to a different email client, users need to backup emails from Windows Live Mail for a smooth transition of email data. Windows Live Mail Backup ensures the transfer of emails to the new computer without losing important messages or attachments.

Manual approach to backup WLM Emails & Attachments

This manual method is not recommended for backing up emails, and there is a high risk of incomplete data backup during the operation. There are also several limitations involving attachments and larger email sizes.

  • This approach involves setting up a new folder within Outlook and transferring all EML emails into it through a drag-and-drop process.

The steps:

Open the path in Windows Explorer “C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail”

  • Choose the appropriate mailbox folder for your account and look up the EML files.
  • Open MS Outlook and create a new folder within Outlook and drag and drop all the EML files.

Professional Way to Download Windows Live Mail Emails to Hard Drive

The use of professional, fully automated software is highly recommended for users if they have multiple accounts associated with Windows Live Mail and want to backup or transfer emails to other file formats. In such a way, we recommend using eSoftTools Windows Live Mail Converter Software.

eSoftTools Windows Live Mail Converter- The software gives users more privileges to transfer Windows Live Mail emails with attachments in a well-managed way. The software automatically fetches the storage location from the computer and displays all the mailboxes with their folders and sub-folders. The software also provides a preview of email messages to verify email accuracy.

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 Steps-by-Step Guide to Convert Windows Live Mail Emails

  • Open eSoftTools Windows Live Mail Converter.
backup emails from windows live mail
  • Click the “Select WLM Mailbox” button from the software toolbar.
  • A new dialog opens, asking you to select the WLM storage location or use the auto-detect location of the WLM storage.
    • Auto-detect Location: Choose this option to automatically load all default WLM profile mailboxes and mail folders easily.
    • Select Manual Live Mail Store Location: Use this option to manually select and add the Live Mail email store location.
windows live mail storage directory
  • After selecting and adding Windows Live Mail profiles, click on the “Next” button.
  • Now the software automatically loads all WLM Mailbox with all folder hierarchy.
display windows live mail mailboxes
  • Select the WLM Mailbox(s) for conversion and click on the “Convert Mailbox” button from the toolbar.
  • Now, the conversion wizard opens up where you can see multiple types of conversion options are present. Choose the appropriate and required conversion option.
  • Apply the email filter option if you require it.
  • Choose the file-saving location by clicking on the browse button.
backup emails from windows live mail to hard drive
  • Now, finally, click on the “Convert” button and finish the WLM backup process.
backup windows live emails

Congratulations! The backup emails from Windows Live Mail is now completed.


In the above article, we explain what Windows Live Mail is, why users consider backing up Windows Live Mail emails with attachments, and the reasons behind it. To address the query on how to backup WLM emails with attachments, this article provides a free technique for obtaining a WLM backup and introduces a professional Windows Live Mail Converter. This converter allows users to back up single or multiple Windows Live Mail accounts with one click.

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