Want to take a backup of emails from email accounts that are hosted with Bluehost hosting service? If you are searching for the best techniques to perform this task, then get a solution with this article. Here we will show you “How to Download/Backup Bluehost Emails to Hard Drive?”.

Bluehost is one of the most well-known web hosting services available on the internet. In addition to hosting websites, another thing that users get with a Bluehost account is email account hosting.

Users get the benefit to create different email accounts associated with their website name. (For example: – www.esofttools.com to support@esofttools.com).

This email accounts users are also hosts on the server where they have stored their website. Users can access these email accounts with the webmail applications Roundcube and Horde Webmail.

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Why Download Bluehost Emails to Computer?

Backing up Bluehost emails to a hard drive is a good practice for several reasons:

  • Data Security: Having a local backup of Bluehost email provides an extra layer of security. In case of any issues with the hosting provider or accidental data loss, these copies of emails help users in making a recovery.
  • Offline Access: Having a local backup allows you to access your emails in offline mode. It will be helpful when you don’t have an internet connection or when your hosting provider is experiencing downtime.
  • Reducing Storage space issues: Bluehost provides limited storage space on a server for saving email account data. By backing up emails to hard drives, you can free up space on your hosting account without the permanent deletion of emails.
  • Migration from hosting providers: If you decide to switch hosting providers or want to move to a different email service, having backup emails will help you to make a simple migration. You can easily import emails into the new provider without these email backup files.

Solution to Download/Backup Bluehost Emails to Hard Drive

Downloading emails from the Bluehost mail server to a local drive, there are several methods available, but the finest option is using automated software. The best utility to do this job is eSoftTools Bluehost Backup and Migration software.

This tool enables users to extract emails from Bluehost account mail folders. With simple clicks, it can download emails from the Bluehost account in their original form. It will allow you to save Bluehost emails in 10 different file formats including- EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHTML, MBOX, PDF, PST, and others.

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How to export emails from Bluehost to a computer with the Bluehost backup tool?

Download and install eSoftTools Bluehost Backup and Migration software, and apply the below-given steps for the email backup process: –

  • Launch the Bluehost backup software on your Windows-based computer.
  • Input Bluehost email account details- email address password and hostname.
  • Click the Login button and load all mail folders from your email account.
  • Choose the needed mail folders and select a saving/export option.
  • Apply other required options- mail filter, and naming convention.
  • Choose a location for saving the downloaded Bluehost email files.
  • Press the Save Backup button and start downloading emails Bluehost server.

Key Features of eSoftTools Bluehost Backup and Migration Software: –

  • Backup Bluehost emails: – Download Bluehost emails to the computer’s hard drive. With ease perform the backup process of emails that are hosted on the Bluehost mail server.
  • Migrate Bluehost emails: – Shift emails from Bluehost to another server as well as different cloud mail apps. Directly export Bluehost emails to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office365, Outlook.com, and other IMAP mail apps.
  • Selective folder export: – Make folder selection and export emails from only specified folders of the Bluehost mail account.
  • Different saving options: – Download Bluehost emails and save them as 9+ file types- EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHTML, MBOX, PDF, and more.
  • Email Export Date-wise: – Has mail filtering option to perform date selection and exporting emails of some specific dates.
  • Saving location selection: – Manually users can define a location from their local drive to preserve all the downloaded Bluehost email files.
  • Windows compatibility: – For downloading Bluehost emails users can run this software on any edition of Windows O/S. (Including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and older editions).
  • Free demo availability: – Available with a demo edition facility to download up to 25 emails from a Bluehost account without requiring money from users.


Users who use Bluehost’s email hosting service may need to take a backup of emails in several conditions. The quickest and most efficient solution to do this task, we described in this article. Use the above-given method and safely download emails from the Bluehost server to your local drive. For checking all the abilities of eSoftTools Bluehost backup software, before purchase download and try its free demo edition.

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