Many users are nowadays facing the issue of forgotten 7z file passwords. Those users want a solution to recover their lost 7z file passwords to access data from their encrypted 7z files. So, with this article, we will provide the best and most awarded 7z password recovery software. 

7zip is a file compression tool that helps users in managing a large number of files or folders. 7z compression tool enables users to create a single file to store a large number of folders and items. It also minimizes the size of files and assists users in storage management. 

During the compression process, 7Z tool generates a file with a .7z extension. This 7z file holds all selected user’s folders and files while compression. Password encryption is also possible, In this file type. Several users prefer protecting 7z files to secure their data from unauthorized access. Users can provide a password to the 7z file according to their choice with their specified characters. 

But sometimes, users forget their 7zip file password. At that time they become unable to access all their vital data from that 7zip file. To solve this problem, eSoftTools has offered an automated 7z Password Recovery Software. This software has been awarded by multiple well-known IT companies for providing the best result of password recovery. 

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Awarded 7z Password Recovery Software

Get this eSoftTools’s most awarded 7z password recovery software to swiftly recover lost 7z file passwords. This tool is awarded by multiple software review companies and IT experts. It will help users recover forgotten 7Zip passwords without losing a single bit of data. 

This tool offers 3 recovery strategies like Brute Attacks, Masked Attacks, and Dictionary Attacks, that work differently from each other to recover 7z passwords. Also, it offers different advanced and smart features for making the password recovery process much more easier and accurate.

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Advanced Features of 7z Password recovery software: –

  • Brute Attack: – This is one of the three methods of 7z password recovery Software for recovering passwords of 7zip files. This method assists users who have completely forgotten their 7zip password. If users have no idea of their password character, this method is best for them. In addition, users can also change the settings and recover passwords of only specified character combinations such as Capital Alphabetic characters, Lowercase characters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Dictionary Attack: – With the dictionary attack method, perform password recovery from the inbuilt dictionary file of the software. This this method, software recovers the passwords that are created with English words. It will scan and recover the 7z file password from the Dictionary file that has 5000+ English words.
  • Mask Attack: – This is the fastest way of recovering the forgotten password of 7zip. If the user already knows some characters of their password they can use this method. With the mask attack method, the software assists users in recovering only unknown characters of 7z file password.
  • Break multilingual Password: – It has the ability to break multilingual passwords whether that password has a long length or not. Both English and non-English password users can recover smoothly by using this 7z password recovery software. It will easily recover all types of 7z file passwords without losing any data information.
  • Copy resultant Password to clipboard: – After recovery of the 7zip file password, in one single click users can copy the complete password to input in the 7z file to unlock it easily.

Recover 7zip file Password in just 3 Steps

  1. Download, install, and open 7z Password Recovery Software on your Computer.
  2. Select and add 7zip files into the software for recovering the password.
  3. Select a method for recovering a lost Password from the options- Brute Attack, Masked Attack, and Dictionary Attack, and click the “Recover” button.

By following these 3 simple click steps, users can recover forgotten 7zip file passwords. After the recovery, use the copy to clipboard option, unlock the 7z file by inputting a password, and access all essential data that is saved in the 7z files. 


There are a huge number of users who prefer using the 7zip archive file for storing or compressing the size of their data. Sometimes, users come into a situation where they forget their 7z file password. At that time users become unable to access their vital data that is stored in the 7zip file. In that kind of situation, users can try this awarded 7z Password recovery Software of SysInspire. Try this software now for free by downloading its free demo edition.

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